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1. Seasoning
1.1) Liquid seasoning
  • Liquid seasoning for instant noodle and fried noodle
  • Sauce
  • Soy sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Dressing
  • Mustard
  • Jam, etc.
1.2) Powder, granule seasoning
  • Powder soup for instant noodle and fried noodle
  • Powder sauce
  • Granule soup stock
  • Spice
Small size of pouch is very popular as a pouch for seasoning recently the demand of medium size (100-300 ml) pouch and large size (500-1,000 ml) pouch for institute use are increasing.

Materials : Extract (Meat, Crustacea, Vegetable),  Spices, Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, etc.
Selection : Crush, Measurement, etc.
Blend : Mixing, Heating, Maturation, etc.
Packing    : Filling, Sealing, Sterilisation
2. Properties of Quality for Seasoning
It is very important for packaging of seasoning to keep the quality because the subtle difference of taste and flavor are value of commodities in itself. Therefore, can and glass bottle which are able to cut off O2 gas, moisture and light are best materials for packaging. But, the quantity which we use seasoning during a cook and taking a meal are very small, so it is really useful and convenient to have small pouch which using inexpensive materials in order to pack adequate quantity.

Regarding to the small pouch for seasoning (liquid soup), firstly gas barrier, moisture barrier, flavor barrier are required in order to keep the quality because transportation and preservation term is long under normal temperature.

Secondly in case of inner pouch for instant noodle liquid soup, it sometimes happen that the pin-hole trouble which caused from sharp edge of dried noodle during the transportation.

Also other kind of liquid soup pouch, it sometimes happen that the pinhole trouble and rupture trouble in the cardboard box during transportation.

Even if the ruptured pouch is only one, all of the commodity which packed in the same cardboard will be damaged.

It is very important to select the material which has excellent pin-hole resistance and rupture resistance in order to avoid this kind of trouble.
3. Required Capability of the Materials for Seasoning (Liquid Soup) Pouch.
  1. Gas barrier (O2, water vapor) performance, flavor barrier performance
  2. Pin-hole resistance
  3. Rupture resistance
  4. Automatic filling aptitude (slipness, sealability though contaminants)
3.1) Gas barrier performance, flavor barrier performance
It is property of ON (Biaxially oriented Nylon film) that the gas barrier especially excellent O2 gas barrier which is important capability for food packaging.

When high barrier performance required, especially in case of powder, granule seasoning pouch, aluminium foil or aluminium-metallized film are often used.
3.2) Pin-hole resistance
For liquid soup, if pin-hole happen on a pouch, not only change in quality of the contents by air circulation but also leaked contents makes other commodity which packed in the same cardboard no use. That’s why, pin-hole resistance is required strongly more than other kind of strength. The construction of ON/sealant has excellent pin hole resistance as a flexible pouch.
Prick strength of plastic film
Prick speed 100 mm/min
Pin diameter : 1.0 mm    End radius : 0.5 mm

3.3) Bag-fall resistance
3.4) Automatic filling aptitude
Not only the case of instant noodle soup, automatic filling and packaging machine is commonly used for filling and packing of seasoning small pouch. Therefore machinability (processability, sealability through contaminants) is important.

Each filling and packaging machine has best processability according to its property and using material. So it is necessary to understand proper sealing temperature, sealing pressure and sealing time. If the sealing condition is not proper, contents will leak out from pouch or rupture will happen during the distribution. Compare with other base film (PET, OPP), ON ca get excellent seal strength if the sealant keep clean.
4. Construction of Seasoning Pouch (Liquid Pouch)

Generally, the pouch which is outside packaging for the instant noodle and instant fried noodle don’t have a barrier performance.

In case of liquid soup pouch, it should be have a barrier performance in order to keep the quality, because of the distribution method of the instant noodle is not refrigeration system.

It requires for the liquid soup pouch that the pin-hole resistance against sharp edge of the dried noodle and friction under the transportation, also high speed automatic filling , therefore ON is the best film compare with other film.

Especially, EMBLEM-ON, ONM, DCR which have excellent printability are quite often used as a base film.

On the other hand, 40-60 of EVA and L-LDPE (low temperature seal type) which have excellent sealability through contaminants and seal strength are usually used for sealant. Dry lamination and extrusion lamination lamination are general lamination method.

Regarding to the powder soup pouch for instant noodle, moisture barrier performance is much more important than gas barrier performance, so three layered film which using aluminium foil is commonly used than the PVDC coated film as a barrier material. PET film and OPP film are used for the powder soup pouch, because of the trouble which caused from pin-hole and rupture are not so often happen compare with the case of liquid soup pouch.

But recently, pouch which using ON film is increasing, because requirement of excellent pin-hole resistance from the noodle company becoming strong. 20-50 of LDPE is popular for sealant film.

Generally, contents weight of the soup pouch is heavier than that of seasoning pouch for instant noodle and fried noodle. In case of soup, chilled preservation is popular, so it is much important for the packaging that the pin-hole resistance and bag-fall resistance than the barrier performance.

ON is quite often used for soup pouch as a base film and 50-70 of LDPE is popular as a sealant.

Sauce and soy sauce, barrier performance is required same as small pouch for liquid soup of instant noodle.

In such case, ON and PVDC coated ON (DCR) are commonly used for base film, also EVA is often used for sealant because it has excellent sealability through contaminants.

In case of dressing (mayonnaise) and spices (mustard), gas barrier and pin-hole resistance are especially required because of the preservation system for them are not chilled and flavor is strong.

Therefore, film which has high barrier performance like PVDC coated ON etc. are mainly used for base film.