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1. Toiletry
1-1) Toiletry
Application which have largest production quantity among the toiletry products are detergent, shampoo, conditioner and softener. Liquid type quantity is largest, granule and solid type are second largest. Plastic bottle (PE, PP, PVC) is major container for liquid type because of its productibility, economization, functional and convenience, sometimes paper, glass and metal are used for container. But it is quite large that the production quantity of toiletry product and quantity of materials for toiletry product packaging, so the waste and environmental issue becoming important. Therefore, especially plastic bottles, it has been proceeding that the miniaturise of capacity and refill pouch, BIB (Bag in Box), BIC (Bag in Carton) which using flexible package.
1-2) Required capability of toiletry product
1. Product form
It necessary of life and small quantity is used every day. Usually it is consumed during one month after then it is disused
2. Preservation of contents
Generally surfactant is used, compare with food packaging and medical packaging, requirement of barrier performance is not so serious.
3. Protection of contents
If requires strongness for packaging container because contents are liquid (mostly low viscosity) and powder, also quantity is large (100 ml - some litre).
4. Convenience
container should have functions such as easiness of handle, easiness of use.
1-3) Flexible package
1. Four-sided seal pouch
Four-sided seal pouch is most popular packaging style. It requires pin-hole resistance, bag-fall resistance and resistance against organic chemical, ON/LLDPE construction is popular. On the other about small pouch, three-sided seal pouch is used.
2. Pillow type pouch
Pillow pouch is special type of packaging style which has good appearance and filling aptitude. There is pillow pouch with tap.
3. Standing pouch
Standing  pouch can stand by it self because after filling contents into standing pouch, bottom part is extended. Standing pouch has good appearance and load efficiency. Pin-hole resistance and bag-fall resistance are required for the materials of standing pouch, so ON/LLDPE construction is main. In case of the contents weight is smaller than 500 ml, 15 of ON is used. In case of larger than 1000 ml, 25 of ON is used. 100 - 130  of
LLDPE is used as a sealant because stiffness is required in ordered to stand and keep form. Recently ON/unaxially OPP/LLDPE construction which has easy peel performance and standing pouch with tap have entered commercial use.